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“For a couple thousand dollars, we can make sure that your land is secure.”

– Tepfirah Rushdan, City of Detroit, Co-Founder

“Detroit is the mecca of urban agriculture.”

- Jerry Hebron, Oakland Avenue Urban Farm, Co-Founder

"The long term goal is to create a culture of local Black farmers who can rely and depend on each other in supporting growing food and feeding our communities.”

- Erin Preston-Johnson, DBCFSN, Co-Founder

“If you are invited to walk in someone else's garden, how would you enter that space?”

– Danielle Daguio, Keep Growing Detroit, Lead Co-Conspirator

"Let's clap back to the narrative that WE, as the people, cannot live, and work, collaboratively, in solidarity, to reimagine a reality beyond the systems that exploit us."

– Dr. shakara tyler saba, DBCFSN, Co-Founder

I've been farming on Lots in Detroit since 2011 and Just became a "land owner" with the help of DBFLF in 2022 (11 years)!

I'm happy to be a part of DBFLF , demystifying Land Acquisition, Tracking our collective story through Data and helping awardees use much needed infrastructure support funds . We are building a culture of "each one, teach one"  awardees who are now specialists/ consultants assisting other awardees through the process. DBFLF IS BEAUTIFUL , ITS COMMUNITY , ITS DETROIT.

- Gabrielle Knox, JOYproject, 2023-2024 Leadership Committee

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